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San Marco Cutlery

San Marco cutlery has always been present in our home, used by generations on our tables in the kitchen.

San Marco’s style of cutlery was created in the 1600s to demonstrate the greatness of the Venetian Republic. The characteristic of recognition for the knife is on tip that recalls the Doge's headdress called "zogia" (a kind of Camauro ending with a pointed rise) and the strictly three-pronged fork.

The oldest salad servers are made of silver and bone. The cutlery for fish, ladles, cutlery for the gardener, forks for dessert, and many other cutlery form a truly special service. Once every bride had this silverware as a gift which was not only the cutlery set, but there is all the equipment for the table sugar bowl, cheese, oil and vinegar, toothpick holder, coaster, amphora for water, large and small plates to serve the bread on the side. At my wedding I received new table seats from my guests to add to the service I had inherited from my great-grandmother. The complete service consists of 57 different types of cutlery depending on the use, called in Venetian "piron sgugier corteo cuiarin".

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