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The family

Anna Laura Campagnola
Giovanni Campagnola
Anna Laura Campagnola

Our family is made up of Nicola-the winemaker, Ilaria-the creative business manager, Anna Laura and Giovanni-Nicola's and Ilaria children, they are still students however they can't wait to be in our business, Jacopo-creator of Ilaria's creativity, Francesco Massimo the little one of the family, the grandparents Renzo and Laura - a firm and safe point you can always count on.
Ours is a surprisingly happy family,  lover of nature, work, good wine and, above all, your company.

Jacopo e Ilaria Nidini
Amiche bevono vino rosso
Nicola Campagnola

We are, in fact, a traditional family, with still strong ties with our household of origin but also modern and open to new experiences and mutual trust.
Our co - workers , who  who have been working with us for many years , are  family members  and a deep connection binds us, made of mutual respect and trust.
All together we peacefully share the experience of long days in the fields: picking the grapes during the harvest, pruning the vineyard, cutting the grass, picking the wonderful roses present at the beginning of each row as a an evidence of the good vineyard's health.
Come and meet us at Tenuta Santa Maria Valverde, we will be happy to welcome you and offer you a culinary ecstasy, the result of our passion and expertise, gazing at the suggestive landscape that makes our cellar unforgettable.

Renzo Campagnola e i nipoti
Laura Campagnola
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