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Tasting boxes

Truffle hunting gift voucher

Excursion in the woods with truffle and wine tasting

3h: 30m


Gourmet specialty: Amarone and truffle

excursion with the dog


Valpolicella, Ripasso and Amarone

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This gift box is the perfect excursion for animal and dog lovers who will participate in the first truffle hunt in Valpolicella. The voucher is also recommended for guests with children looking for half-day trips outside Verona.

Caccia al tartufo-truffle hunt

The lagotto romagnolo dog and his infallible nose

Give a unique excursion to the woods of the Valpolicella Park, north of Verona!

Let your guest experience a day full of emotion and adventure with our truffle hunt: with the infallible nose of the dog and the wisdom of the Tartufaro, we will discover many fresh truffles in the undergrowth of a protected area.

We will follow paths, we will ford small streams and we will see dream landscapes overlooking the valley to the south and Lake Garda.

During the search, the dog will help us to spot the truffles. Then we will taste the truffles combining them with our excellent artisanal wines selected from Valpolicella, Ripasso and Amarone.

The guidance of an expert will help discern the scents and aromas. We will offer typical local products in combination, such as Monte Veronese cheeses, Soppressa della Valpolicella and the organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil of our production.


We will relax together on the splendid terrace in the shade of the centuries-old walnut tree, with a unique view of the Valpolicella, to fully enjoy the day spent outdoors.

Wine tasting on the terrace

Make your gift unique

Our service will guide you in creating a personalized experience package for your guest. Create a personalized box, adapting it to the tastes of your dear guests. Include a special gift of wine at the end of the experience, or combine special gourmet foods with our wines (caviar, special aged cheeses). You can plan a birthday cake, or request a wine tasting off the list. Contact us for other solutions.

An original gift for your business customers

We offer our truffle hunting gift box to companies for their business customers. We are available for special packaging or customizations.

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Santa Maria Valverde

- 30 minutes from the center of Verona (18 km)

- 30 minutes from Lazise-Lake Garda (21 km)

For more sustainable mobility, reach us by public transport!

A comfortable journey from the center of Verona without ever changing lines. Our service will guide you in creating the itinerary

The transport service from Verona center and from the Verona Porta Nuova railway station (and back) is available by booking the 10:00 am slot

(subject to availability)

The duration is 3h30m.

The experience includes a hike in the woods (or a visit to the vineyards and cellars) and wine tasting with a light lunch based on truffles.

After booking, our service will provide you with all useful information on the experience and on the methods of transport

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