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Local wines

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wine tasting experience and local specialties

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Each voucher is valid for one person : to add participants click on details.

The voucher is valid for 1 year.

The voucher contains a booking code to be used on our site.

After your purchase, wait for our staff to prepare your voucher by hand.

Upon completion, you will receive it on your inbox.

  • Voucher 3 wines:
    visit + tasting of 3 classic Valpolicella wines + typical products

  • Prestige voucher:
    visit + tasting 3 classic Valpolicella wines + Cabernet Sauvignon TSMV + typical products

  • Vintage Voucher: visit + tasting 3 classic Valpolicella wines + Cabernet Sauvignon TSMV + Amarone from old vintages + typical products

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Degustazione vini

Give a rich tour led by the producer in a Italian family-run winery for 5 generations.


We will start with a walk in the vineyard where we will tell our tradition as wine producers.


We will visit the fruit cellar, used for the drying of the "Amarone" grapes and our ancient cellars for winemaking and aging.


We will take a tasting itinerary among our excellent artisan wines selected from Valpolicella, Ripasso and Amarone and with the guidance of an expert we will recognize their aromas and aromas. We will offer typical local products in combination, such as "Monte Veronese" cheeses, "Soppressa della Valpolicella" and the organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil of our production.


We will relax together on the splendid terrace in the shade of the centuries-old walnut tree, with a unique view of the Valpolicella Valley for the Panorama Therapy.

visit the estate, an old post for travelers

Give an experience voucher for local Italian wines. Our authentic food and wine experience is perfect for nature and rural architecture lovers, wine and good food lovers, travelers who like to stay outside the city, history buffs. The experience voucher is an excellent wedding gift, or for an important birthday or anniversary.

Innamorati nell'antica bottaia
Jeep tour Valpolicella

Enhance your gift

Our service is available to customize the experience according to the tastes of your guests.

You can create a custom box, adapting it to the tastes of your dear guests. For example, you can foresee the gift of wines at the end of the experience, or combine gourmet foods with our wines. You can ask for a birthday cake, or for wine tasting off the list.

Pack up the business gift

If you are a company and are looking for corporate gift ideas with our wines, typical products or tasting experiences, contact us and we will be happy to create a proposal tailored to your goals.

Choose a gift in perfect Italian style: visit a Boutique Winery and learn the artisanal wine production process. Learn from the expert how aromas are discerned and how they decline during a relaxing tasting, with local specialties in a unique and exclusive location.
Give a perfect gift to your friends who travel to Italy: give an authentic experience in an Italian Boutique Winery

Ragazza nel fruttaio
ragazze nel vigneto di tenuta santa maria valverde.jpg


Truffle Hunting with Wine Tasting

Visits to the cellar

E-bike tour with Amarone tasting

Comparative tasting of olive oil

Pic-Nic in the vineyard

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Santa Maria Valverde

30 minutes from the center of Verona

(18 km)

For more sustainable mobility, reach us by public transport !

A comfortable journey from the center of Verona without ever changing lines. Our service will guide you in creating the itinerary

The experience includes a guided tour of the estate and vineyards, cellars and drying. The tasting includes the 3 Valpolicellese wines paired with typical local products

Our service is available to provide the guest with any useful information on the experience and modes of transport

Prenota un incontro

Take part in this experience by booking your preferred date and time directly!

What is an experience voucher?

The voucher is a certificate that entitles its holder to book, on a date of his choice among those available in the future, the experience described on it. The experience is an wine tourism activity that typically takes place on a farm (but also in other typical places like cellars and wineries) and concerns an educational entertainment, where an expert in the sector provides guests with the basic information to understand the characteristics of the product that is created in that place, followed by a moment of relaxation and wandering in which the product is tested with a wine tasting or a practical test

How can I use an experience voucher?

The voucher certificate shows the description of the activity, the place where it takes place, the duration, the number of participants and a gift code: the latter must be entered, during the booking phase, in the gift code box, or communicated at the time of the telephone booking. The code entitles you to participate in the experience, at no additional cost (with the exception of any options added at the time of booking, such as transport or customizations)

How can I buy the experience voucher? How is the payment made?

The voucher can be purchased online on the Tenuta Santa Maria Valverde website. For payment, all major credit cards (including American Express) and Apple Pay are accepted. To select the number of participants in the experience, click on details and select the number from the drop-down list. For a manual purchase (not online) with payment by bank transfer, you can contact us at the address listed in the "contact" section

How much is the validity of the experience voucher?

The experience can be booked within 12 months of purchasing the voucher. It does not detect the date booked for the experience: it means that the experience can also take place after 12 months, but the time of booking must take place within this limit

How do I receive the experience voucher after purchase?

The certificate with the gift code will be sent to the email address entered during the purchase. Since we handcraft all our vouchers, we kindly ask you to wait for the email to arrive until the voucher is ready to be sent. For more information you can contact us

Can I customize the experience voucher certificate?

Yes, since we manually create all our vouchers, you can indicate, if you wish, the name of the birthday boy or girl, or a phrase of good wishes or a dedication to be written for free on the gift voucher

Is it possible to customize the experience to give?

Yes, we can package your gift voucher with details and extensions, such as  for example: a bottle of our wines to pay homage at the end of the activity, a bottle of handcrafted Olive Oil to pay homage at the end of the activity, a package of black "Scorzone" truffle to match with wines or other typical products. You can also include the birthday cake by including it in the gift voucher. For these and other ideas and gift inspirations, contact us at the addresses listed in the "contacts" section


What is the wine tasting experience?

The gift voucher entitles you to participate in the visit to the historic cellars, vineyards and the fruttaio (the special traditional drying room for grapes), led by an expert in the sector who will accompany the guests and describe the stages of the wine production process. In the second part of the experience, guests are accommodated at the table for the guided wine tasting, to be combined with seasonal local products, which therefore vary during the year according to availability (typically cold cuts, cheeses, aged salami, bread, Olive Oil of our production, final dessert)

How many wines are expected during the tasting?

The foreseen wines are three, superior and artisanal; the typology varies according to the year, reserves and production limit. Valpolicella, Ripasso and Amarone are always included in the tasting, in addition to the typical gastronomic products in combination

How long does the experience I want to give last?

The experience lasts a total of 2 hours and 30 minutes. However, it may continue if the guest is still enjoying the time of tasting

Accessibility: Is the experience voucher suitable for people with reduced mobility?

The opportunity to participate in the wine tasting activity is always guaranteed. The visit may be subject to changes and limitations, especially for the visit to the cellars, accessible by steep stairs without handrails.

Can I give the wine tasting voucher to a minor?

No, in Italy the limit for drinking alcohol is 18 years and alcohol is served during this activity. Eventually minors can accompany adults, but they cannot drink alcohol. The presence of minors is to be coordinated with our staff.

Who is the wine tasting voucher suitable for?

The gift voucher is suitable for lovers of wine and other typical Italian food products, for those who want to relax in the beautiful landscape of Valpolicella, sipping red wines from the panoramic terrace. For those looking for a trip out of town, in the surroundings, to experience nature. For those looking for an instructive and educational experience, not just recreational. For those who want to know the wine production process and learn more about the denomination protection system. For those who want to get in touch with a small local reality, led by the same family for 5 generations and listen to the stories and secrets of a magical place which is Valpolicella.

The wine tasting voucher is ideal as a gift to those who have moved: friends, workers, off-site students and Erasmus students who reside for various reasons in northern Italy, in Veneto or in the nearby areas will receive this voucher from you to enjoy a wine tasting on the weekend or on other available dates, in contact with nature and discovering the territory with wines and typical local products.

For which occasion is a wine tasting voucher given?

The experience voucher is ideal as a gift for holidays such as Christmas, Easter, eighteenths and graduations.. for anyone looking for authenticity and genuineness of the places to visit. Given the ability to customize the certificate with a greeting phrase, the voucher is also ideal for colleagues. It is suitable for wedding anniversaries, even for parents. The personalized experience voucher with the gift bottle is perfect as a wedding gift for the bride and groom and guests; on the voucher you can write a love phrase for your boyfriend or girlfriend and this makes it the perfect gift for him in perfect Italian style. And why not, as a travel gift to plan!

Does the experience voucher include accommodation?

No, the overnight stay and everything that is not mentioned in the description of the activity is not included. However, the experience voucher is an excellent opportunity to organize a trip out of town during an Italian travel, in the surroundings and adventure, offering original and out of the ordinary activities. If you want to stay overnight, ask our staff and we will be able to give you the right advice on where to sleep.


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