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Alta Valpolicella Marano
Production area

On the highest hills of the DOCG Valpolicella Classica | Marano di Valpolicella | North-West of Verona | Veneto

Variety of vines

Corvina 30%

Corvinone 20%

Rondinella 30%

Molinara 5%

Oseleta 15%

on traditional pergola of artisanal vine


600 meters above sea level, on a basaltic base and clay of volcanic origin, in a sub cru called Fradare in the Marano di Valpolicella valley facing Fumane.

Age of the vineyard

Plant renovated in 1990, but already present on the cadastral maps of the Napoleonic "sommarioni".

Yield of grapes / plant

1,5 Kg bunches / plant

Soil type

Basalt of volcanic origin, soil very rich in minerals, terraced on ancient dry stone walls of more than 200 years (called "marogne" in Veneto) facing south planted with a density of 5290 vines per hectare.


September, last decade. Hand-picked with visible selection of the bunches.

Pressing and Maceration

Soft pressing and strictly traditional soft maceration of the classic and autochthonous blend of Valpolicella Classica


Natural fermentation with indigenous natural yeasts in steel tanks for about 15 days, controlled temperature (10-26 ° C), daily pumping over and punching down, three delestages.

Drawing off the juice only. Malolactic fermentation carried out naturally.


Closely adhering to tradition, with indigenous yeasts


In 10 hl steel for ten months.


1332 per year. Capacity 750 ml.

Alcohol content

12.50% vol.

Analytical data

Volatile acidity g / l 0.770

Total sulfur dioxide mg / l 69,000

Relative density (at 20 ° C) 0.993

Non-reducing extract g / l 27,600

Net dry extract g / l 28,200

Total dry extract g / l 28,200

Glucose + Fructose g / l 0,600


Cork stopper produced and processed in Italy, coming from Italian cork forest in Sardinia. Length: 45mm


80 calories per glass


Ruby red with violet reflections




Hints of red fruit (plum, blackberry, blueberry, cherry)


pepper and vanilla
Tertiary aromas: caramel, toasted, vanilla


Complexity that from the nose is confirmed in the mouth, with further spices and a slightly savory finish that recalls the mineral and spice of black pepper

Typical combinations

Aperitifs, first courses of spicy soups such as pasta and beans, cheeses.


Maintains its characteristics for more than 9-12 years

like all wines it must be stored in cool (below 18 degrees) and not very bright places not subject to high temperature changes


The wine will maintain its characteristics for 8-10 years kept at a constant temperature from 14 ° to 16 ° and not exposed to light sources

Estimated ecological footprint

Average value 1.04 CFP CO2 / kg for 0.75 lt. quantity

Service temperature

18 ° / 20 °

Bottles produced

1,332 / year, numbered

Order our wines

The philosophy of our farm favors the craftsmanship and high quality of every single bottle of wine.

Each bottle is numbered and unique: for this reason, we must check each order and quantity before sale based on the vintage and type requested.

Il caveau Santa Maria Valverde
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