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Champagne Experience

Luxury aperitif with noble wines

2h: 30m


pairing with fine foods

Exclusive aperitif


Superior champagnes of value and nobility

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Champagne Experience

Experience a luxury aperitif, sipping superior wines, Champagne, Amarone and learn more about the qualities and characteristics that make these noble wines the most expensive in the world.

Booking instructions:

  • add the number of participants

  • select your preferred date

  • choose the time (the transport is only at 10:00) and click checkout

  • Insert your data

  • proceed to payment

  • receive the ticket and instructions on the email indicated

Winery lounge.jpg

The warm atmosphere of the boutique cellar lounge

Let yourself be welcomed by the country and chic atmosphere of the Cantina Lounge furnished with Cassina designer sofas and other art objects and immerse yourself in the lush atmosphere while listening to curiosities and stories about the famous French wine: Champagne. Enjoy a romantic aperitif with your partner by candlelight, sipping a glass of champagne while serving you Grand Gourmet food, specially designed to enhance the fruity aromas.

What will you bring home from this experience

Do not limit yourself to the aperitif: get informed by the expert guide who will follow you step by step in the Champagne tasting, teaching you to recognize a good wine and suggesting which are the best brands. Understand how many types of Champagne exist and which grape varieties can be used according to the rules. Distinguish the production method: the Champenoise method or Classic method and hear the legend about its inventor: Abbot Dom Pierre Pérignon. During the aperitif you will have the opportunity to learn more about the assembly technique, dégorgement, dosage. Recognize the types of Champagne by color (white or rosé), grapes (Champagne blanc del blancs and blanc de noirs), dosage (vintage) and vintage (or Champagne sans année).



Take the opportunity to "know how to drink well and informed" and ask the expert winemaker guide all the details of your culture on the world of superior and noble wines. Stop drinking any Champagne just because it is fashionable, start drinking the best Champagnes with awareness!

Champagne Perrier Jouet e Amarone_edited

Drink only the best Champagnes in the world

At the aperitif with Champagne, only the best Champagne brands in the world will be offered, carefully selected by our expert guide (and wine producer) after a cognitive trip to the French region of Alsace, Sciampagna-Ardenna and Lorraine. The Champagnes are specially ordered by non-commercial brands or in off-market types, which are not found in the common sales channels.

Discover the affinities between champagne and the best culinary combinations

Combine a glass of Champagne with grand gourmet foods from around the world: anchovy from the Cantabrian Sea on crispy crouton, strawberries with cream and other seasonal fruits, blue cheeses and artisanal local alpine butter (the one that changes shades of yellow according to the season) .

Panorama winery.jpg

Visit a Boutique Winery and discover other local wines

Take advantage of your trip to Valpolicella and get to know the great Italian wines: Amarone.

Visit a completely artisanal winemaking cellar, located in an old stone farmhouse nestled among the vineyard rows. Explore the territory of Verona, famous for its DOC and DOCG red wines with our tasting experience!

Join us for an aperitif with Champagne every evening with ease from Verona and Lake Garda in 30 minutes. Choose an exclusive and luxury location for an unforgettable and private happy hour, drinking the best wines in the world. Celebrate an important anniversary, your partner's birthday, an engagement, during the exclusive aperitif with Champagne by candlelight. Celebrate with friends a stag or hen party, a promotion, a special anniversary with our Champagne Experience, sipping noble wines in the Cellar Lounge.


A privileged perspective on nature

During the summer, cool off in the evening after a sultry day, sipping Champagne on a terrace with breathtaking views of Valpolicella and Verona. The superior wines, the gourmet foods and the cool evening breeze will leave unforgettable memories of the aperitif with Champagne in the Boutique Cellar.

What's included:

  • Aperitif with a bottle of Champagne for every two participants

  • Champagne selection by an expert and winemaker

  • Luxurious atmosphere in the Cantina Lounge with designer furnishings

  • Guide to "drinking well and informed" among the best wines in the world with the expert

  • Gourmet foods paired with aperitifs, of various types and in respect of seasonality (strawberries with cream, anchovies from the Cantabrian Sea, blue cheeses, fresh mountain butter)

Meeting place:

at the time booked at Tenuta Santa Maria Valverde: loc. Gazzo 4 37020 Marano di Valpolicella

The place can be reached by car (30 minutes from Verona and Lake Garda) and also by public transport (in this case our service is available to organize the itinerary). If you have chosen the option with transport from Verona, you will be contacted by our service.



  • comfortable shoes: we will walk in the vineyard and on uneven pavement

  • a shawl for visiting the cellars where the temperature is low

  • a hat and sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun


  • comfortable shoes: we will walk in the vineyard which can be muddy and on uneven pavement

  • warm clothes for the visit to the cellars


Experience for everyone: very low level of difficulty.

The administration of alcohol is forbidden to minors under the age of 18.

Please let us know if you want to bring small animals with you.

Accessible to strollers: please let us know if you are traveling with children under 18.

Handicapped persons: limited accessibility to tasting, excluding cellars.



Santa Maria Valverde

- 30 minutes from the center of Verona (18 km)

- 30 minutes from Lazise-Lake Garda (21 km)

For more sustainable mobility, reach us by public transport!

A comfortable journey from the center of Verona without ever changing lines. Our service will guide you in creating the itinerary

The transport service from Verona city center and from the Verona Porta Nuova railway station (and back) is available by booking the 10:00 am slot

(subject to availability)

The duration is 2h30m.

The experience includes an aperitif with Champagne and gourmet food pairing with a guide.

After booking, our service will provide you with all useful information on the experience and transport methods

Gift voucher.png

Give an exclusive aperitif with Champagne to a special person with the Tenuta Santa Maria Valverde experience boxes!


Tenuta Santa Maria Valverde offers a rich catalog of tasting activities

to be carried out in the center of Verona and in Valpolicella, at the Estate, in the locality of Marano di Valpolicella.

La Cantina is easy to reach: if you don't want to take your car, you can use public transport

(by bus, 20 minutes, no changes) and we will provide you with all the necessary instructions.

Degustazione sul fiume

Verona Center

Wine Tasting

on the banks of the Adige River

Lagotto da caccia al Tartufo Proserpina

Truffle hunting

Excursion in the woods with Truffle and Wine tasting

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