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Bike Station

The first station for cyclists in Veneto ..

The first bike station in Veneto is active at Tenuta Santa Maria Valverde for cyclists who pedal immersed in an area between hills, farms, villas and vineyards.

La Bike Station Valpolicella

Valpolicella is loved by cyclists for its wealth of itineraries in nature and for the uniqueness of its landscapes. In particular, there are many sportsmen who decide to tackle the curves and hairpin bends that lead to the Crocetta di Marano di Valpolicella by bike. At Tenuta Santa Maria Valverde, cyclists can stop, make small repairs and rest in the special Bike Station set up here, the first station for cyclists in the Veneto cellar.

A workshop for bicycles ..

The true lovers of two wheels take care of their bicycles every day and are really demanding: in our Bike Station of Tenuta Santa Maria Valverde they will be able to find shelter and find all the useful tools for the maintenance and small repairs that the bicycle needs.

Biker girl

..With a refreshment point for cyclists ..

The cyclist, having reached almost the top of the hill of Mount Crocetta, in Marano di Valpolicella in the province of Verona, finds refreshment, hospitality and can also taste a good glass of Valpolicella wine.

Tenuta Santa Maria Valverde also has 7 brand new generation e-bikes with Fantic engine and fat wheels to visit the vineyards of the Estate by bicycle and experience the countryside in a green and sustainable way.

for bikers and wine lovers from Lake Garda and Verona

Tenuta Santa Maria Valverde, located on the slopes of the hill that leads from Fumane to Marano di Valpolicella, is in a strategic position for cyclists from Lake Garda or Verona who want to take a break sipping a glass of wine with a local dish to accompany it. . We have therefore rediscovered the ancient function of Tenuta Santa Maria Valverde, an old post for travelers where spring water flows, since the nineteenth century. A tradition, that of stopping in the locality of Gazzo, which is renewed.

Bike Station Valpolicella

Bike tour experience with tasting

E-Bike Tour with Tasting

Bike Tour - Wine & Food Tasting

3h: 30m


local dishes

electric mountain bike


Valpolicella, Ripasso and Amarone

Bike tour prenotazione

Book your bike tour with wine tasting now

Discover Alta Valpolicella in the company of the producer pedaling in the vineyard and on the paths of Marano di Valpolicella. Cycling is the best way to visit many places in a short time. And if it's an E-bike it's not even tiring!

Booking instructions:

  • add the number of participants

  • select your preferred date

  • choose the time (the transport is only at 10:00) and click checkout

  • Insert your data

  • proceed to payment

  • receive the ticket and instructions on the email indicated

You can cancel your booking (net of the 50% penalty) within 7 days before the start of the experience (no refunds for cancellations made less than 3 days before the start of the experience)

Ride in the vineyards and along the paths of Valpolicella ..

Let yourself be inspired by the nature and architecture of Valpolicella ..

We will visit with the guide many historical and naturalistic sites: an ancient temple dedicated by the Romans to the cult of the goddess Minerva, ancient vestiges of the population that dominated the world. We will cross the dense wood inside the Valpolicella Park, oak groves, arboretums, ancient natural sources with clear waters, steep walls.

Along the way we will cross rows of vineyards and ancient rural stone villages. A day of freeing the spirit and sight.

Bici sulla botte

Combine cycling with wine tasting

At the end of the bike ride in Valpolicella, we will return to the Estate for a well-deserved relaxation. Take a seat on our panoramic terrace overlooking the Valley and let yourself be carried away in a wine tasting of prestigious labels: Valpolicella, Ripasso and the great Amarone.

Cool down your body while sipping a glass of wine while the enchanting view from the terrace indulges your senses.

Taste sublime wines and typical products ..

It accompanies the most famous red wines of Italy with skilful combinations with typical local products, dishes of the ancient local tradition and other snacks and restores hunger after sporting activity.

Degustazione vini

What's included:

  • Electric mountain bike with wide wheels (mod. Fantic). Helmet and water bottle.

  • Bike tour in Valpolicella, with guide and visit to different points of interest

  • Tasting of three Valpolicellese red wines

  • Typical paired products, cold cuts from Valpolicella and cheeses from Lessinia with different maturations

  • Refreshing hot dish after the tour

Meeting place:

at the time booked at Tenuta Santa Maria Valverde: loc. Gazzo 4 37020 Marano di Valpolicella

The meeting place can be reached by car (30 minutes from Verona and Lake Garda) and also by public transport (in this case our service is available to organize the itinerary). If you have chosen the option with transport from Verona, you will be contacted by our service.



  • sneakers

  • wind protection during descents

  • sunscreen and goggles to protect yourself from the sun

  • a change of clothes and a towel


  • sneakers

  • the tour in the winter period is recommended only on sunny days and in the autumn months (October, November) and spring (March, April)


Medium difficulty level: it is required to know how to ride a bicycle.

Training level required: medium-low. The assisted traction of the e-bike helps pedaling but muscle participation is still required.

Family-friendly experience: children under 18 can participate only if they are taller than 1.50m.



Santa Maria Valverde

- 30 minutes from the center of Verona (18 km)

- 30 minutes from Lazise-Lake Garda (21km)

For more sustainable mobility, reach us by public transport!

A comfortable journey from the center of Verona without ever changing lines. Our service will guide you in creating the itinerary

The transport service from Verona center and from the Verona Porta Nuova railway station (and back) is available by booking the 10:00 am slot

(subject to availability)

The duration is about 3h30m.

The experience includes the guided E-bike tour in Valpolicella, the supply of the e-bike with helmet and water bottle, the tasting of wines and local products, a hot dish (light lunch)

After booking, our service will provide you with all useful information on the experience and on the methods of transport

Gift voucher.png

Give this tasting experience to someone special with Tenuta Santa Maria Valverde's experience boxes!


Tenuta Santa Maria Valverde offers a rich catalog of tasting activities

to be carried out in the center of Verona and in Valpolicella, at the Estate, in the locality of Marano di Valpolicella.

La Cantina is easy to reach: if you don't want to take your car, you can use public transport

(by bus, 20 minutes, no changes) and we will provide you with all the necessary instructions.

Discover Valpolicella wine tasting


Wine Tasting

with Typical Venetian Products


Discover Valpolicella in the center of Verona

Wine Tasting on the bank of the Adige river

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