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The tasting experiences of Tenuta Santa Maria Valverde

A short distance from Verona and Lake Garda, immersed in primitive nature, our ancient farmhouse, located along the crest of a hill, opens up to unique eno-gastronomic experiences to live a dream in the magical land of Valpolicella.

Foglie d'autunno Tenuta Santa Maria Valverde
Esperienze in Valpolicella

Wine tourism in Valpolicella

The hospitality of Tenuta Santa Maria Valverde makes the difference in Valpolicella: we have been doing wine tourism since it didn't exist.

Our land is first of all home, source of life and affection, place of work.

We started ten years ago with Airbnb Experience and since then, with immense passion, we have welcomed our guests in this splendid family setting, to convey to them the sensations we experience every day and the values with which we operate: the value of quality, hospitality and respect. of nature.

People and the territory at the center

Tradition, creativity and personality are the values you find in our wines, the same ones that inspire our experiences with you

The experiences of Tenuta Santa Maria Valverde are authentic and original: we always give our best to encourage our guests to become themselves hunters of new experiences, which are totally different from what they experience every day.

We want to give a strong response to the monotony, the frenzy of everyday life, which is able to make you feel memorable sensations and emotions. We want to enter the hearts and minds of our guests in a creative way.

To this end, we limit the reception capacity to personally host each one and make him live a day in contact with the winemaker.

Caring for the environment

The experiences of Tenuta Santa Maria Valverde are developed in order to have the least possible impact on the environment and nature

All our activities are eco-sustainable, we take the utmost care in protecting the environment.

Our goal is to develop a circular economy of wine tourism experiences.

We respect the waste sorting cycle, encouraging ourselves to create less and less. We devise activities that stimulate our guests to develop sensitivity for nature and the environment that hosts us. When necessary, we strive to use environmentally friendly means of transport as much as possible.

We favor the purchase of zero-kilometer gastronomic products, produced according to the regulations of organic agriculture and in respect of animal welfare in breeding.

Book the Experiences

The tasting experiences of Tenuta Santa Maria Valverde

Choose from half-day activities to discover one of the most famous wine-growing areas in Veneto: Valpolicella, a short distance from Verona and Lake Garda. Taste typical gastronomic products at zero km, accompanied by fine DOC and DOCG wines. Take part in a tasting tour of Italian Olive Oils. Ride in the vineyard and along the paths of our estates on the e-bikes of Tenuta Santa Maria Valverde. Go out of town and join a truffle hunting adventure. Or book a wine tasting in the center of Verona and enter a truly romantic place in the city of Romeo and Juliet.

Santa Maria Valverde Estate:

- 30 minutes from Verona center (18 km)

- 30 minutes from Lazise-Lake Garda (21 km)

We offer a transport service from Verona city center and Verona Porta Nuova railway station (and back)

For more sustainable mobility, you can reach us by public transport.

A comfortable journey from the center of Verona without ever changing lines. Our service will guide you in creating the itinerary

Personalize your experience with the help of our service. When finished, you can shop and ask for special packs. Our wine shop is available for free tastings

Our service provides all useful information on experience and modes of transport

Are you a tour operator?

Tenuta Santa Maria Valverde's wine tasting and cycling and walking tours are also very suitable for Italian and international tour operators who organize trips to Italy, in particular to the wine region a stone's throw from Verona: Valpolicella.

Are you a tour operator and want to include a stop at Tenuta Santa Maria Valverde in your travel program in Italy?

The Cantina Boutique is located in Valpolicella, 20 minutes from the center of Verona. The region is well connected with other international cities, thanks to Verona's Catullo di Villafranca Airport. 

Our staff is available to help the tour operator in planning the transport and the most suitable activity for their customers.

Look at the catalog of wine tourism proposals including wine and local food tasting, truffle hunting excursions, ebike tours, olive oil courses and send us your request through our contacts.

The LGTB Rights

Our Cellar shares and applies article 21, which is part of the Equality chapter of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, which prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Gay-friendly wine tasting

Tenuta Santa Maria Valverde cares about the issue of development and protection of the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual and transgender (LGBT) people and is constantly engaged in positive relationships with its collaborators and guests who do not yet enjoy full rights and they often experience situations of discrimination in the various areas of family, social and working life due to the persistence of a culture conditioned by prejudices.

Our collaborators engaged in the cellar in the production of wine; our wine masters in contact with our customers can work in a positive climate, without prejudice and discrimination, being able to freely express their sexual orientations.

Our beloved guests of any sexual orientation are welcome in Valpolicella: lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual and transgender (lgbt) people will find a serene and welcoming environment in the splendid setting of Valpolicella, to taste our wines, taste the typical local products , know all the details of the production of Valpolicella wines.

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