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Harvest 2021 is over, we are looking forward to future in Vinitaly Special Edition 2021

October 15, 2021: We "put in the farmhouse" one of the most memorable grape harvests of our existence, experienced in the second year of a global pandemic that blocked the world, at the end of a difficult season of frosts, winds, hailstorms, peaks of precocious heat, increasing infections of bait sickness, shortage of personnel, ruthless and constant burst checks by the control bodies, new Covid safety regulations, reduced yields, and as if that were not enough difficult generational transitions…. despite everything, the most incredible grape of all time has arrived: a thick, aromatic, fresh, intense skin.

Now, Historic Harvest 2021 archived, we set sail ready with full sail towards the special edition of Vinitaly from 17 to 19 October 2021, with confidence in the future with the spirit of research and innovation that distinguishes us to fuel the creativity that is the our great plus!
We are waiting for you in Hall 6 BIO stand 2 of the Special Edition of Vinitaly 2021, in Verona, the city where everything happens under the great sense of Love thanks to Shakespeare

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