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Products of our territory: the Esse cookie from Lessinia Hills

Today we are talking about another typical product of our territory: the Esse cookie from Lessinia Hills. It is produced in the Bosco Chiesanuova area, a charming climatic resort in the Venetian Pre-Alps, in the province of Verona.

Esse is a traditional Italian cookie, a pastry cookie known for its typical "S" shape.

Made with shortcrust pastry, it is a baked product that is also characterized by a rough and dotted surface and a golden yellow color.

This cookie is produced by Forno Sauro: the family, originally from the small town of Corbiolo di Bosco Chiesanuova in Verona, has been producing these cookies for generations. The simple recipe, made of eggs, butter, sugar and flour, actually hides the many secrets of the technique that have been handed down from father to son for at least 300 years.

To a careful eye, the proof of the craftsmanship of the production technique is that in the point of curvature of the S-shape of the cookie, you can recognize the imprint left by the pastry chef during the modeling phase.

A key feature that convinced Tenuta Santa Maria Valverde to propose Esse cookie as a fine pairing with its wines is the use of fresh and zero km products: fresh Italian butter from the Alps is used in the dough, the 00 type flour from mill of Valpantena Valley in Verona, Millefiori egg type from Lonigo.

The taste of Esse cookie is full, fragrant. The butter smells of milk and the robust and fleshy aroma of the eggs stands out. This shortcrust pastry is authentic and reminds us of the past, before industrial production and food preparations. The cookie is substantial, after a couple you feel satiety.

We have studied the combination of our Recioto Classico della Valpolicella DOCG, sweet passito wine, which is the perfect dessert for the conclusion of an important meal.

Some like to combine the dessert with Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG: the bitter and slightly sweet taste of our wine harmonizes well with the Esse biscuit.


If you want to receive our Veronese dessert proposal at home, fill out the form and receive the typical products!

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