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Guida Bio Awards goes to Amarone and Ripasso

Amarone della Valpolicella Riserva Classico DOCG vintage 2012 and Ripasso della Valpolicella Classico vintage 2016 have been awarded by Guida Vini Bio.

Two valuable awards for our effort to contribute positively to environmental protection, through the development of strategies and initiatives aimed at promoting the minimization of environmental impacts and the protection of environmental health.

Order your Amarone della Valpolicella Riserva Classico DOCG and Ripasso della Valpolicella Classico wines from our website!

How our wine order works:

Our artisanal production is of the highest quality and therefore numbered: on each bottle, in addition to finding the DOC and DOCG traceability code, you can also read the specific number of that bottle from our archives. In addition, the total quantity for the year is indicated.

Our effort makes each bottle of our wine unique in the world!

Fill in now your pre-order on our website:

Enter the quantities and preferred types and you will shortly receive confirmation of your order, after we have checked the required vintage.

Upon confirmation, you will receive an order confirmation with credit card payment.

You will receive your wines at home sent with dedicated food & wine shipping!

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