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Corporate welfare

Italian companies can benefit for their employees from a series of initiatives, goods and services to be made available to their employees, to increase their well-being and corporate loyalty.

Among the fringe benefits (compensation in kind) we find the welfare vouchers, which were introduced in Italy with the 2016 Budget Law with a series of incentives then strengthened in subsequent years, to make corporate welfare central in Italy.

Tenuta Santa Maria Valverde gives Italian companies the opportunity to negotiate agreements as part of the corporate welfare plan for the supply of corporate welfare electronic vouchers for their employees.

The employee who receives the welfare voucher has the right to redeem the voucher at our cellar for the provision of training activities, such as a guided tour of the cellar with wine tasting, and other free time activities.

Italian companies can stipulate an agreement with our winery for their employees for the supply of corporate welfare services and enjoy tax exemption benefits, as required by the relevant Budget Laws.

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