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Veronese shore of Lago di Garda: Tips

Let's start by saying that all the villages of Lake Garda are small villages, picturesque, medieval views of the lake. They are all very charming. Obviously, the Veronese shore of the lake is my favorite, not only for birth reasons, but also because this coast is kissed by the sun all day, being located to the east. This side is also the most urbanized, for geographical reasons: the mountains close to the lake are gentler and create many flat areas especially in the southern part. For this reason, many areas of the lake hinterland are very populated by tourists due to the presence of numerous campsites.

Let's start with tip number one: the town of Malcesine, an hour away from Verona.

It is located north of the lake, on the border with the Trentino region. The town is enchanting: it is an ancient fishing village perched inside an ancient medieval castle. It is a real pearl of the lake: not very popular on tourist routes. This town is dominated by Monte Baldo, the highest mountain on the lake. You can reach the top with the cable car. From above you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the entire lake and here in winter you can ski!

Going down towards the south of the lake we find Brenzone, another small fishing village: it is an excellent place to stay because it is very quiet and you can easily reach everything. Here is "Da Umberto" restaurant, famous for its lake cuisine (the local fish are Lavarello, Luccio and Sarda, Trota and Agone)

Here you cannot miss the small semi-abandoned village of Campo: the local population is engaged in a project to repopulate the old houses and numerous concerts are held in the summer. I believe that the country also participated years ago in that big government project of houses for sale for a symbolic euro, as long as you and your family move to the town to live as a resident.

Another interesting town is Torri del Benaco (lake Garda is also called Benaco, the roman name): very populated in August, it too has a castle. Above the town is the hill of Albisano: a residential area for very wealthy locals. Here you can hike to the locality of Crero and, by bike, reach numerous inland villages where you can buy excellent wine and local food. There is also a Tibetan Bridge on the way!

Keeping the south direction, is Punta San Vigilio, a spectacular place especially for those arriving by boat from the water. There is an excellent restaurant with a romantic view of the lake and a private equipped beach open to the public (Spiaggia Baia delle Sirene)

The town of Garda, from which the lake takes its name, is also very nice but very popular. It is dominated by the Rocca di Garda, a mountain where it is possible to go trekking. There are in fact numerous equipped walks with lake view. From here to Peschiera we find many other nice towns: Bardolino, Lazise, Pacengo. Here you will find numerous campsites, luxury hotels, excellent restaurants. It is the flattest area of the lake.

Here there is the famous Gardaland park, many important villas, the thermal baths of Colà di Lazise, the Caneva water park.

Peschiera is a very beautiful fortress town: here begins a beautiful cycle and pedestrian path along the Mincio river to the south. You can go as far as Venice!

Absolutely to see is the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Frassino: a small church from the 1500s where many devotees go on pilgrimage.

Here is the border of the Veneto region and the province of Verona, but if we dare to cross over a few kilometers, the Sirmione peninsula is worth a visit with its Roman baths and spa. On the tip of sirmione there is a small beach called Jamaica, due to the white sand that recalls a tropical paradise.

Recommended wines for this itinerary: Bardolino, red wine made with the same types of grapes as our Valpolicella (corvina and rondinella), chiaretto, a rosé wine made with the same grapes as Bardolino) and Lugana (very fruity white wine, produced in south of Lake Garda)

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